Monday, July 18, 2011

Tips On Cooling Your Mouth After Eating Spicy Foods

I know at one point on our lives, we've all eaten extremely spicy foods in till manly tears flowed down our cheeks. No more! Instead of holding back your tears, you'll be holding in your constipated feces from all the delicious foods you'll be enjoying.

What makes a average pepper become fear itself, is the chemical Capsaicin. When the chemical is ingested, it triggers the pain receptors in the mouth and indicates "heat". The body reacts in the same fashion if you were to put fire under your arm; Your body would kicks up adrenaline, increases heart rate, and perspire, except for the burning arm part.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Despite Capsaicin having about a hundred hardcore uses such as pepper spray, riot control, possible prostate cancer treatment, and other such uses; This post is about soothing your mouth after eating ten too many spicy tacos.

Capsaicin is not water-soluble therefore, water alone won't stop the spicy burn from leaving your mouth. Fluids such as water may actually move some of the Capsaicin around making the burn slightly more intense after you swallow or spit out the water. Thankfully, Capsaicin is fat-soluble which allows substances such as milk to help 'soothe'  the burn.

1. The first tip that almost everyone knows about is to drink or swish milk in your mouth. The milk will pull the Capsaicin away from the nerve receptors in your mouth. Remember that the cooler the milk, the more effective the milk will be in cooling the fire in your mouth. Lastly, if you don't have milk on hand, remember that any dairy products works too, fresh yogurt, sour cream, or even delicious ice cream will stop the burning in no time.

The horror!

2. If you don't have any dairy products at hand, you should  have these basic ingredients: cold water and sugar. It's another proven 'remedy' that cold sugar water would help the burn go away as long as the solution is in your mouth. So if you just ate seven Bhut Jolokia, you might end up walking around looking like a fish all day.

3. Guess what? It's your birthday! Capsaicin is also alcohol-soluble. You know what that means. That's right, you can drink your favorite alcoholic beverages after eating those hot wings at the bar. Although I don't think this would be a good excuse if a Police Officer pulls you over for drunk driving.

Unless you both make a deal.

4. If you have nothing else in your house, you could technically use vegetable oil. We don't suggest you chug the entire bottle though, simply rinse your mouth with a few spoons of it and you should be fine. This method is one of those last resort ones, don't unnecessarily fill your mouth with vegetable oil if you simply ate some spicy chips from the corner store.

5. If you're getting burned from places other then your mouth, such as your fingers or eyes, you could rub either milk or vegetable oil onto the effected area as a remedy. Best wishes!

Protip: If you're eating extremely spicy foods, try not to touch your eyes, nose, or genitals. (In the case that you're sitting around in a Spanish/Indian restaurant eating spicy foods and thinking, "Hey, why don't I touch my genitals?" It might not be a good idea.)

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