Thursday, July 7, 2011

Everyday Tips: How to use There, Their, and They're Properly

One of the most popular errors in english grammar is the improper use of  there, their, and they're. Since all three of them are pronounced the same way, people often use the wrong one at the wrong time.

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Remember that "they're" is a contraction of "they" and "are". "They're" can only be used as the subject or verb in a sentence, in other words, the person or the thing doing an action, or the action itself.

  • They're/(They are) building a sandcastle.
  • They're/(They are) eating a big sandwich.
  • I can't believe they're/(They are) closing the shop.
  • There cool! (They're cool/They are cool)
  • There going to laugh at my jokes! (They're going to laugh at my jokes!/They are going to laugh at my jokes!)
Tip: If you have problems with "they're" write out the entire word as "they are" instead of "they're".

Use "there" when referring to a place. It can also be used with the verb "be" (is, am, are, was, were) to indicate something exist, or to mention something for the first time.

  • The house is over there. (Basic "place" example.)
  • Is he over there?
  • I am going to go over there.
  • You are going to go over there.
  • Was he over there?
  • We were going to go over there.
Tip: You can find "here" inside of the word "there". Use "here" to remind you that you're talking about a location.

"Their" is a possessive adjective. Basically, use it to say a noun belongs the "them".
  • My friends bought their tickets.
  • Look, my friends brought their piano!
  • Their stuff got stolen in the subway!
  • I love my friend Pete and Anna; Their car is very nice.
  • When they die, do there children get any money? (When they die, do their children get any money?)
  • My friends sold there kazoo. (My friends sold their kazoo)
Tip: If you're still confused a bit, try to replace "their" with "me" in a sentence. If the sentence still makes sense after you replace "their", then you've used it correctly! "Their car is very nice." -> "My car is very nice"

Good luck comrade, now you're pretty much obligated to be able to use these three words correctly.

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What's that? The nails inconspicuously moved into a distinguished manner? Ignore that, they do that sometimes.

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