Saturday, June 11, 2011

Benefits of Eating Breakfast

If some of you've noticed, I've been talking about the "greatness" of eating breakfast, but I haven't actually given any reasons why, other then its deliciousness. It's no longer cool to show-off by saying "I didn't eat breakfast today, I must be pretty hardcore since I have so much self-will to keep on pushing!", because in reality you're saying "Wow, I'm pretty darn stupid, look at me, I don't eat things, look how confident I am, you should applaud and worship me, also I am dying."

Eating breakfast increases your metabolism. What does that mean? It means your body burns more calories to maintain itself. Skipping breakfast makes your body go into a "OH NO! THERE IS NO MORE FOOD IN THE WORLD! CONSERVE EVERYTHING!" mode, in which you burn calories naturally slower. If you eat breakfast, your body goes in a "Plenty of food to go around, use as much as you need -insert shades-" mode. So if you're trying to lose weight, eating breakfast might actually help you out in the long run, as long as exercise goes along with it.

More energy. Why would you want to feel more energized and feel able to do things? Wouldn't we all rather slump around like zombies doing our work at a full 25 percent? Go on, skip breakfast, I insist. When you eat food in general, it's energy and resources for your body, if you skip it, your body won't be able to run at 100%, you'll be dumber and weaker.

Have you ever fasted? Whether you are religious, or just doing it, you know that feeling where you're irritable, and fatigued? Well, right after you finish fasting and you eat a meal, it feels great, you're suddenly a more easy going guy/gal. As you know, most people that are sleeping, aren't exactly eating, so depending on how long you sleep, you're not eating for "half a day" or so.

Obviously when I'm talking "breakfast", I mean the healthy version, not the fast-food chain egg and sausage biscuit. Eat some wholegrain, and dairy products, and as your doctor says, eat carbohydrates. Who said you can't eat noodles in the morning?

What do you mean?! This IS breakfast!

Breakfast can be two apple's and a yogurt, it doesn't have to be a big routine of frying eggs and sausage, preparing French toast and a nice tea.

Apple or Apricot? Wrong, it's a Peach.