Saturday, November 9, 2013

Where have you been?! (Personal Response)

I'll try to make this post as short and painless as possible. SkyAkes is now officially on hiatus until I get more time out of college, and on the other dealings I'm working on at the moment. HOWEVER, this doesn't mean the end of my internet presence-- far from it.

Feel free to click the image and get redirected to my new website.
The truth of the matter is, I've been taking on a more laid back hobby that allows me to enjoy my weekends, and not spend 3 hours after midnight (weeping and crying) trying to write up an article for the week. Ever since I informally dropped SkyAkes, I've been taking on photography as a protégé-esque expansion on the things I've been doing (and I would love if you would join me on the journey).

However, I still haven't been honest completely with you all. And at this point, I believe that everyone deserves an explanation for all the months I've been gone; one of the main reasons why I never actually came back (other than time-constraints) was due to my incessant need of equilibrium.

What I mean is, every time I looked at my homepage, I kept seeing the unpolished blob that was my "blog". To me, it was too unrefined, too amateur-esque, and too engrish-ingrained. With that said, I briefly had plans to go through all of my old articles in the archive and re-edit them to modern standards. Along with that, I was hoping to embrace a more proficient (I hated the fact that I didn't cite old sources or provide a more in-depth explanation of things in the past) writing standard in the future. These plans started for about 2 weeks before I stopped.

They quickly fell short after the pressures of getting into college got in the way, and SkyAkes felt more and more like a escape from reality than a fun-writing exercise it started out to be. And by the end of the day, I slowly realized that the current archive/set-up was a giant mess, and the best thing to do would've been to start anew, and on a fresh If SkyAkes were to live again, it would be through a true revival-- no more defibrilliations on old stock.

But, with no promises being officially made, and with time troopering on, feel free to join me on my new photography website: ambientAspect

Thanks for the great times.