Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quick Tip! 4

Quick Tip! Tips which are quick! How to get rid of a stuffy nose. We've all gotten it; It feels like someone is pinching your nose closed, and you're suddenly forced to take much deeper and harder breaths to get that precious oxygen you need. Now how do we get rid of it? Call back that witch doctor you met three days ago that cursed you for ruining his crops? Nope, I'll give you some tips to help it go away.

His nose is so swollen, it's as hard as rock. (See what I did there? Hahahahahah.)

Don't blow your nose hard. Contrary to common belief, blowing your nose hard in attempt to remove all of the annoying mucus in order to clear and clean out your nostrils, will actually make your nose more "stuffy". When you blow your nose hard, it may/will make your inner nasal passage swell up, and make it harder to breath. If you have to blow your nose due to large amounts of mucus building up, blow gently per each nostril in till the problem is gone. Literally. (Hahahahahahah.)

Rub your nose in a circular fashion in till problem subsides. Using both your fingers, massage the upper part of your nose gently in a circular fashion. One thing I do when my nostrils are glued shut, is to use two of your fingers many fingers and press onto the upper part of your nose then physically push your nose using your fingers in that position, up.

Steam/Humidifiers. Yeah, it isn't just for teenage girls to clean out their pores due to self insecurity about facial appearance. They work wonders! As long as you stay in the regions of moist air you should be fine., but if you were to leave the holy lands of moist-ity, you will find yourself out of breath, and dead on the sidewalk in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, take a good hot shower, you deserved it, tiger.

Or, you can work here.

Gargle Saltwater. Take some warm water, add a few teaspoons of salt, and insert the mixture into your mouth. WITHOUT swallowing, gargle it. Come on people, I don't need to describe how to gargle water! Gargling saltwater will help remove mucus, and kill bacteria that may be causing the stuffy nose.

Nasal Irrigation. Turn around if you're weak hearted, this is only for those hardcore men and women with severely annoying stuffy noses. The idea of this is to take warm saltwater, insert it inside of a "nati pot" and pour the water from your one nostril, and allow it to flow out the other. Now, for first time users, it may become a extremely painful ordeal, but after the first few tries, you'll get the hang of it and it may become actually enjoyable. Remember not to inhale during the ordeal though. The idea of this, is the same as gargleing saltwater, but this one is much more direct and get's the job done almost instantly. You'll feel all the mucus in your entire nasal cavity thank you with fireworks and cake after you do this.

Congratulations, you win.

Go to the doctor. Unless you suffer regularly from allergies, you may be sick, and you should always contact a medical professional when dealing with suspicious symptoms, who knows if you may have contracted some evil ancient disease of arcane and darkness? If you just have a cold, or the flu, he/she can prescribe you some common decongestants or antibiotics to get that stuffy nose done and over with.

Did you know:
Stuffy noses can contribute to:

  • Headaches
  • Facial Pains
  • Insufficient Oxygen Intake
  • Snoring
  • Interfering with hearing and speech development
  • Death

(A list within a list, listception)

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