Monday, July 11, 2011

Elevator Etiquette

The 45th floor is your destination. You are on the first floor. Stairs, anybody? Five hundred steps and you've arrived at that very important thing you had to do quite sweaty! Is that any way to make a good impression? Thankfully, buildings of such magnitude contain the modern marvel that is elevators. A moderately sized rectangular prism specifically designed for your vertical aspirations. Away we go upon this mystical contraption, along with 53.8 other people crammed into the 4 by 4 foot space. So, how does one act while crushed against a mailman, the guy from your middle school, and the one that ate garlic for breakfast. To the list!

What you'll look like if you take the stairs.

1. Smile, inwardly and outwardly - If you are the first on the elevator, smile at anyone who makes eye contact. It instantly relieves tension, and yes, there can be a lot of tension in that tiny cube of ascension. If you enter with others on it, smile if they look at you. This can be a great way to make conversation. Keep an inward smile, be positive if someone enters the elevator, as happy or unhappy as they seem. If anything, a smile will unwind everyone, unless they like frowning. Then they will hate you.

2. Take to a wall - The elevator has three very nice walls (occasionally just two). If there is vacant space on them, take it! Standing against or near a wall is nonconfrontational, acceptable, and even comfortable. You would not be blocking the door allowing quicker stops and you yourself would not be surrounded on all sides by strangers should the elevator become full.

Yeah, they're all in the elevator. With you.

3. Relax when its crowded - Remember, no one is in here to kill you, everyone wants to get out just like you do. Don't push, don't yell, don't swear, don't even make eye contact in rage, simply stand as still as possible and wait, try looking at the display of which floor you're on. Exit the elevator if someone must leave at a floor and reenter it if your floor has not yet been reached. If it's too much for you, wait for another elevator, no one will be upset for a little more breathing room being made.

4. Move along - If there's a space on the elevator you want and its not obstructive, take it. When it's your floor, exit quickly, you have the right of way to exit first (and don't forget if you're getting on to let out passengers first!) If anytime must be spent straggling, it should be for goodbyes, there is no issue with a farewell, holding open doors for conversation is a rude inconvenience to all.

The elevator is essential part of travel for many in their daily lives, and can be a convenience or a hassle; These few precepts are here to guide you to remove the fear from the elevator and even make it a small social aspect of one's day,so next time you're on an elevator, enjoy!

The white light at the end of the hall. No sweat.

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