Monday, July 11, 2011

7/11/11 Free Slurpee Day

Woah, the date of today looks just like that major store chain. What a coincidental date that only you have noticed. Oh wait, so did 7/11. In honor and celebration of this special date, in which the date itself advertises 7 eleven; 7 eleven is making this Monday, "Free Slurpee Day"

Take two, I won't tell anyone. -wink-

The massive chain is giving out 7.11 fluid ounces of Slurpee for free until midnight today. With about 15 different 7 Eleven locations in New York City, it's going to be a busy day.

Why not take advantage of this offer, and visit all 15 of them today? That's 106.65 fluid once's.

Don't take your time though, many people are going to try to take advantage of this offer, and the free Slurpee only stands as long as they have it in stock. Don't wait till 5 minutes before midnight to ask if they still have anymore Slurpees left. It's estimated that they will give out about 5 million free Slurpee's nation-wide, make sure you're a part of that 5 million enjoying a ice cold beverage of ice on this warm summer afternoon.

 7 Eleven's promotion, while sounding like a bad idea for the major chain, actually benefits them thanks to the increase in sales when people line up for their free Slurpee. Also, after you get your free Slurpee, it'll simply feel wrong not to buy another one. I mean, won't it feel like practically stealing? How would you sleep tonight? Think of the children!

In final note, why not get a map of all the 7 Eleven stores in NYC, and go for a hike towards all 15 destinations?

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