Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer is You!

For many students, the school year is just about over, what are you going to do this summer?

School, being one of the little stages in life that build our personalities and knowledge that we will base everything else we learn in the future is very important, just as important, Summer Break.

Its been a while since the olden days of a good ol' game of marbles, and today, its become socially acceptable and agreeable to laugh off "I didn't do anything this summer." Increasing amounts of teens today don't don't a gosh darn thing! Summer break is a vacation meant to be enjoyed not just a period where we just sit around all day waiting for school to start again. If you think theres nothing to do during the hot blistering summer, you're very wrong.

One, you're suggesting its hot, all the time 24/7 and also, heat penetrates walls and and air conditioners and fans are too advance for our current age.

If you have a plan to do things, don't do it in the middle of the day when the sun's highest, either go early, (I mean the sun's up by six in the morning or earlier in the summer!) or wait for the afternoon heat to pass by.

If you don't have a plan, shame on you, you're still a young man/woman, if you can't think of anything to do now, wait till school's over with and you just work in a office day and night, with the same routine everyday. If you simply are out of ideas, here are some especially for you:
  • Go to the beach (If its going to be hot, lets embrace it, run out there and show the suns whose boss. Remember to bring sun-block though)
  • Visit old schools (Remember the olden days of elementary school? Why not walk back to your old elementary school and see how much has changed since?)
  • Have friends over (If you're so darn lazy, you can't leave your house, have the party come to you.)
  • Go to the park (Tired of parks right? Every day going to the same park? There's your problem! Go on google maps and look for some local parks to exception to the one you've been going to since you were a fetus)
  • Go to a mall (Who said you needed to buy things? Also, no, we are not suggesting you steal things.)
  • Call up old friends (Why not spark up old friendships, see how they've been, and things they've been up to.)
  • Visit family (They can't be that horrible right? I mean come on, they've all you got, and you can certainly have plenty of fun with them!)
  • Play video games (Yep, I'm going to say it, but I don't mean alone! Call your friends to come over and get that dust gathering Xbox out and play some video games.)
  • Write something (Write a novel, a comic, a book, something with friends, this can improve your writing skills, and if you're leading the show, can help leadership skills which will help alot in real life.)
  • Play Sports (Any sports you like? Soccer? Volleyball? Basketball? Wake up early and play before the sun rises!)
  • Get in shape (You've been gaining some weight haven't you? Well you're not alone, your friends are probably uncomfortable with some of their weight gain too. Its always hard to start alone, but with friends, its pretty much having fun. A plus, is that since its summer, you'll be sweating alot, the sweating by itself, and your body just generally being a little off-temperature will force your body to use up some energy to bring it back to normal temperature!)
  • Study! (Admit it, you've done worst then you're capable last term right? No more! Show those tests who's boss, review the things you've missed. If for some reasons you've "misplaced" you're notes, ask friends, or borrow books)
  • Go to the library (You knew this one was going to come up, your parents have been pestering you all week right? Why not go? Most libraries have AC, and plenty of non-educational books, but lets be frank, lets get those grades up eh?)
  • Get a job! (Who said getting job experience and money can't be fun. All part-time jobs isn't being a cashier at your corner store. Indulge in the job, realize and admire the beauty and importance of every job. Plus, more money for books/games, your pick, I'm no judge.)
  • Volunteer! (Why get paid, when you can have the satisfaction of helping people and a feeling of a worth that people with real jobs struggle to feel daily! You get job experience, get to know new and more people, its a win-win to be honest.)
I'm going to end that list at there, but perhaps it'll help remind you that there are things to do during the summer, that can be pretty enjoyable and fun. The main idea is to get out of the house, whether its your uncles fishing trip, or going to the library.

Don't let your summer go to waste!