Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nail Biting

Quick Tip! Tips which are quick! Ever bite your nails? Let me re-phase that, aren't you tired of biting your nails? Biting your nails is a common oral compulsion, compulsion meaning a irresistible persistence to preform an act. I mean, look at those delicious finger candy on your hands how can you not help it?

What will you do when you cease have fingers? What then?!

Biting your nails is a bad compulsive habit for many reasons, an obvious one includes introducing bacteria, organisms from your hands, to your mouth. Even if you wash your hands often, do you really wash beneath your fingernails every time? Think about it, the same hand you wipe your "bum" with, despite being washed with water and soap is still going to carry some germs from your anus and then it's going straight into your mouth. There have been past reports of severe deformities of the nails due to nail biting. I mean yeah it's delicious, but you gotta care for those hands!

Hands up! Pun intended.

If you bite too deep, which occurs often to nail biters, can result in infection and introduction of organisms from mouth to nail, and cause the nail and the flesh to become infected. Biting your nails is related to certain dental problems, and swallowing bitten off nails can  result in stomach problems. Gotta keep an eye out for the rest of your body too you know!

Don't bite your nails! Here, eat this napkin.

So what can we do about it? Tape your mouth shut? Enclose your hand into a locked steel box? Nope! There are certain ways to prevent nail biting, which include:
  • The most widely used method, is a special clear nail polish that you put on, which releases a bitter taste when bitten. The idea is to associate "biting your nails" to "WHAT IS THIS WITCHERY! THESE FINGER CANDIES TASTE BITTER LIKE POISON! ALLOW US TO STOP THIS EVIL AND UNMORAL PRACTICE OF BITING ONE'S NAILS." 
  • Distract your mouth. When your mouth start's telling your brain "Hey, I'm hungry, get those hand candies up here, I'm hungry!" Put something in your mouth other then your nails, eat some carrots, or suck on some candy, lollypops, or bubble gum.
  • Cut your nails when they get long. Can't bite something that's not there. Unless you are a cannibal, and you physically eat your nails and fingers, which in that case, I can not help you in this post.
  • Keep your nails looking nice. Look at them now, look at how deformed it looks, it doesn't really matter if you bite a little bit of your nail on the left since it all looks ugly anyways, right? Now imagine having your fingers perfectly rounded and clean. Don't your hands look perfect? Wouldn't it be just a shame to ruin such beautiful hands? Of course! Each time you look at your beautifully-shaped nails, you'll think twice before biting and ruining them. Go get a manicure, or file your nails down to a round shape!
  • Keep your hands busy. Go get some silly putty, or a magic hand cranked pocket TV. Every time you have the urge to bite your nails, pop a candy in your mouth and start playing with some silly putty!
  • Motivation! Keeping your fingers looking nice and clean can higher your self-esteem and motivate you to stop biting your nails. Also, you're not just kicking a bad habit for yourself, people tend to dislike people with severely short nails or people who bite their nails and get all their disgusting mouth fluids all over their fingers and palms. I ain't shaking those hands!

Keep your hands busy by stabbing cloth with needles! Aha! Take that!

If you follow theses tips, you just might have the most beautiful hands in the world. That's right, I'm looking at you right now, I mean look at them! You could be a hand model!