Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quick Tip!

Quick Tip! A tip which is quick! Now, ever had problems remember things? Well lets use the power of association to help us! Haven't we seen countless others with a mess of ink on their arms and hands by the end of the day, and still continues to forget certain things?

Sticky notes, and writing notes to remember to do things is fine, if you remember to look at the note. I've had countless times where I had something important to remember on a certain day, like to not wear white on labor day, so I write it in thick bold letters at school in papers that I believe I'll look at when I came home. Guess what happened? Snow apocalypse? Sorry, not yet, I didn't even peek at the page I wrote on, and guess what then? Bad Monday.

One method I use to remember to do things is one or two specific things. It still involves writing on oneself, but in a more discrete method.

What you can do to remember to get that darn textbook back to school one day, is write the letter "T" for textbook on the back of your hand, between your thumb and your index finger. I mean how many times do you look down, write, wash your hands, pee, poop, shower. You're 100% bound to look at it atleast once, and say "What in the world is the letter "T" doing on my hand!" With the magical powers of your brain, you'll remember that you wrote the letter T for textbook, and what's this? Your day is saved.

For more discrete ways, you can simply draw a dot, or line on the same place. Pow! Suddenly you are a master memory wiz.

For more then one thing to be remembered, find ways to differentiated between each mark. That's why letters are more appropriate for most tasks. Try it once today with a minor thing, and watch life get a little bit easier.

(Protip: Lets not use permanent marker okay wise-guy? Unless you want to remember it for a long time, even the faded letters on your hand will be more then enough to remember that little task.)