Friday, June 10, 2011

Sleeping Early, Waking Early

You're probably rolling on the ground laughing, sleeping early? That's for little baby girls right? Well, they're certainly benefits for sleeping early, and I'll discuss them below.

Reasons to do it.
You wake up, sun's right about to rise, you look out your window as red and yellow hues become brighter and brighter as the sun rises, the streets are quiet and empty. You suddenly feel as if it's easier to head off to school since your morning drowsiness has worn off. You turn on your computer, play some music, sit down, get breakfast, put your feet up and reflect on life, or wake up and notice that you're 15 minutes late, then quickly get dressed while you're brushing your teeth and putting your shoes on, then you start running out your door to the train station, and you actually get there on time somehow, but you realize you've forgotten your wallet.

Sleep late, and blurry faces will appear in your background.

In this economy, even if you're not working, getting used to waking up early puts you at the job interview before "Mr.College". Lets say that you're under-qualified and under-nourished, if you're first guy the boss interviews, it could make you one of the most memorable in his day. It shows commitment, it says "You give me this job, and I'll work as hard as six pigs in a mating pen!"

In the process of getting from home to work, don't you hate how both public and private transit is always stuffed like canned tangerines? Either you're on a bus/train packed from head to toe, or you're sitting in your car reading a novel waiting for the guy in the car in front of you to look up from his novel to notice that traffic has moved SEVEN WHOLE meter. Get there early, and it's like a private bus driving you to work, or a private exclusive road just for you.

All of this, for me?

With all this extra time on your hands, you can start eating breakfast! After about 8 hours of being unconscious in bed, you might want to replenish your bodies resources. People say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you're missing out!

This can be in you.

Got any appointments? Hate waiting in line at the doctors office? So does everyone in the line. Too bad they came on the exact time of the appointment, you being "Mr. Brilliant" allows you go at around the same time they open and have employees come in, and suddenly, you're seeing the docotor 1-3 hours before your actual appointment starts, so that you can get back to your extreme deep sea water diving exploration.

Drugs don't prescribe themselves!

So how do I do it?
Start as soon as possible. When you start, set your alarm only 15-30 minutes earlier then usual, and go to bed about a 30-45 minutes earlier, don't think you'll be able to wake up at 5 AM in the morning when all your life you've woken up at 8 AM, or sleep at 9 PM if all your life you've went to bed at 4 AM. As you progress, keep adding more time by 30 minute intervals in both going to bed time, and waking up time, in till you reach your desired sleeping and waking time.

Your arch-nemesis is watching you too.

When you go to bed, and your body's unprepared to start sleeping, just close your eyes and keep them close and try to relax. Don't get up unless your bladders going to explode, and don't even think about opening your eyes unless a serial killer is at your bed post.

So you've done it? You've woken up? But suddenly you have the feeling that 15-30 minutes won't really make a difference, and you should just go back to bed and do try again another day because you just feel so darn tired. Fight it! Use your massive will-power, and jump out of your bed, do some push-ups and run around, try to get your body out of the "relaxed" state to get you woken up.

It'll be hard for the first few days/weeks but your body needs to get used to adjusting to your new schedule, and if it doesn't, I guess we'll have to teach it a lesson. -cracks knuckles-