Thursday, June 30, 2011

Benefits of Eating Eggs

You can fry them, hard-boil them, soft-boil them, poach them, scramble them, basically anything and it'll still taste good. Having a couple eggs for breakfast can prove beneficial to your health in different and delicious ways.

These Ostrich eggs aren't going to fry themselves.

  • Eggs can help you lose weight. Generally, eating an egg makes you feel full longer then the same amount of calories in a bagel.
  • Eggs generally contains about 60 calories, which gives you 16 and a large half of an egg per 1000 calories. So portion control would be easy, since 2-4 eggs would probably get you so full, that you'll DIE be moderately satisfied..
  • Eggs may help your memory associated with aging. Eggs contain Choline, which is vital to brain development during pregnancy (For the kid, not you.) and helps simulate brain function, which can increase memory retention and alertness. You never know when you need that extra egg in the morning to avoid that yellow sedan with the flashing green headlights.
  • Eggs help protect eye sight. Protect what you've got. Eggs produce Leutin and Zeaxanthin, which helps protects the eyes from harmful/evil UV  rays.
  • They're cheap. Cheap like rolls of string, you can buy a dozen for 1-2$. You'll getting 720 calories of delicious fried/scrambled/awesome goodness. Compared to other rich protein foods such as red meat, you'll saving hundreds of BILLIONS.
  • Store-ability. You can leave them in the freeze for a few days, or even hard boil them, and leave them in your fridge and take them out when you're ready for a snack.
  • High cholesterol problems? One egg is okay. Generally, if you have cholesterol problems, chances are you've been recommended to only have 300 mg's of cholesterol, a average large egg has 213 mg of cholesterol.

Considering the pros of eating just a few eggs a day, it's worth the "risk". If you have high cholesterol, you can always still eat a single good ol' egg. Unless you REALLY have problems with the farts, and your wife refuses to even look at you eye to eye. Then maybe, you should cut down on the eggs.