Sunday, June 12, 2011

Free Business Cards

You stopped reading after "free" didn't you? Well, even if you lack a business, you can still get these free "sample" business cards from the company "MOO"

The business cards deal comes with:

  • 10 business cards with a "MOO" watermark
  • Free Standard Shipping
  • Your choice of paper (MOO Classic or MOO "Green")
  • MOO designed folder/desk stand
  • Same process as if you were purchasing them. (So you know how easy it is if you were to purchase them.)
10 Pack -

If you liked that deal from "MOO" they have another free deal, in which you get 50 free business cards with the "MOO" watermark, but the catch is that you have to pay for shipping and packing

50 Pack -

The deals are one per a person, so that means you can't keep ordering free business cards into heart's content.

Note: I'm going to get a sample pack, and after I receive them, I'll review the packing, the card quality and ink quality and etc.