Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cueillette Du Nez - Picking your nose, is it okay?

That's right, we're getting fancy today. Cueillette Du Nez, literally means "Picking nose" in french , which is our topic of discussion today. (Unless Google Translate lied to me again!) Nose picking, is it worth the social out casting? Maybe so.

I don't see anything up there, do you?
The act of nose picking, is the act of removing dried mucus and/or foreign bodies from the nose cavity with one of the ten fingers in a human body. Obviously, this act of mucus removal, has been marked evil-y immoral and disgusting to even speak about. But is all the hype really true?

Advantages of picking your nose:

  • Increased air circulation. Without all the mucus clogging your nostrils, you can inhale more air, quicker. Effectively, increasing blood oxygen levels, which may boost brain function in temporary boosts. 20% of your body's oxygen goes up to your brain for use, it's a pretty hard working muscle; leaving your nostrils clogged and closed may leave your body and your brain oxygen deprived in very extreme cases.
  • Removal of bacteria/viruses/things that don't belong in your body from your nose. Imagine constantly inhaling millions if not billions of dying and trapped microbes floating around in the slowly drying mucus, now that is disgusting.
  • Eating your boogers, boost immune system. While doctors usually recommend complete avoidance of contamination, such as washing hands and not eating your boogers, in order to decrease the amount of diseases you are exposed to, however, this also decreases the amount of diseases you are immune to. Eating your boogers will introduce many already dying and trapped microbes that your body may easily defeat and develop immunity against, into your digestive system, which will boost your overall immune system. It's like a free vaccine shot, complimentary of your nose! 

Pick your poison.

"Disadvantages" of picking your nose and arguments against them:

  • Nose bleeds. Yep, if your nose is sensitive enough, a gentle knock in the nose can cause a fountain of blood pouring out onto the ground. On the other hand, not everyone's nose is a geyser, so unless you force a ice pick up your nostril with 500 pounds of force daily, you shouldn't have this disadvantage stop you!
  • It's disgusting! Are you sure? According to a survey, people generally pick their noses about four times a day! Darn hypocrites! Back in the day, it might have been socially acceptable to sit around all day cleaning out your nose and eating the excess mucus. The same society that says you must be this skinny, or "this tall" to be "cool" also says, eating your boogers is not cool. What I'm saying is, society isn't always right; don't let society tell you what to do, and what not to do. (Unless it's to not jump off a bridge, then maybe you should open an ear to hear them out.)
  • Spreading microbes everywhere! Really? Unless you're a horrible psychopath that takes pleasure in rubbing their boogers around in their hands and grabbing people's body forcibly, you don't have this problem. It's called washing your hands people
  • Introducing microbes to yourself. It's true that you can contract the cold via. picking your nose. But so is rubbing your eyes and touching your mouth. Learning to wash your hands regularly instead of avoiding contact with your entire face will benefit you more in general. Why would you rather learn to not do 3 things (Touching your eyes, nose, mouth), then to learn one thing (Washing your hands.) Clean hands lead to no evidence/link to the murder a generally healthier body.
  •  Nasal Hair Loss. If you look at a mirror, and check out the insides of your nose, you'll see a lot of little hairs. Don't become frighten and attempt to shave your nose out! Instead, be glad it's there. The hair in your nose helps trap microbes and keep unwanted things out of your lungs. That's right ladybugs, you ain't getting in there! Sadly enough, if you pick your nose enough, you may begin to remove some of those hairs. The problem with this argument is that, unless you're picking your nose violently with a machete on a hourly basis constantly, you won't have this problem.
Even this kid thinks he's better then you. Who does this guy think he is!?

Is it worth it? It's up to you. Maybe you can do it in private if you don't want to become ostracize from your family, friends and peers. No peer pressure here. Other then the pressure to be ultra cool, and have me come straight to your house, and not kill you. -Twirl mustache here- Just kidding.

Pick nose! Strong like Oxen!