Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quick Tip! 3

Quick TipTips which are quick! So it's summer, you've been leaving more food around, and the garbage's been sitting around in the afternoon heat all day. As you read this, fruit flies are buzzing around your head trying to lay eggs in your hair. You've had enough! It's personal now.

Here's one way to capture your arch nemesis!

  1. Find/take a clear jar or bag
  2. Insert a rotten fruit, into the bag or jar. 
  3. Make a paper cone with a hole at least 2-4 centimeter wide in diameter. 
  4. Place paper cone small end first into the jar/bag about one fourth the way inside.
  5. Tape or secure the cone onto the bag/jar.
  6. Put jar/bag into a very fruit-fly populated area.
  7. Watch the fruit flies land into the jar/bag and find themselves trapped and unable to escape.
  8. Release/dispose/destroy/burn the jar/bag
We all need to make sacrifices.

Protip: This will work best with a jar to oppose to a bag.

You're going to have to throw out your rock collection. Sorry.

Protip 2: Try not to wait for every single fly to land and become trapped, you don't want a a decomposing fruit, and a hundred fruit flies dead or dying on your counter top. Also, if you leave it for longer then a few days, you'll be surprised how many maggots can "spawn" from a few flies. 
Protip 3: This can actually work with just about any flying insect.
If you didn't know: Maggots are baby flies.