Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bullet Eating : America's Next Problem

"Would eating a ballistic projectile prove to be beneficial to my health?"

In theory, no. In practice, you should be put in the loony bin for even asking that question. Attempting to digest a ballistic projectile of any caliber can prove to be fatal in both obvious and un-obvious ways. 

Despite common misconceptions, eating ballistic projectiles does NOT prove to help lose weight. Many health blogs and online advertisements have advocated the oral use of bullets in order to decrease body weight, and increase self-esteem. These "blogs" and advertisements claim that the bullet's commonly contained metal "lead" and a mystery solid have had various health benefits lenient towards weight lost and increase sense of well-being.

It's un-American I tell you!

A large amount of  "health professionals" have backed up these claims with their large amounts of college diplomas and fictional science journals. The recent explosion of  "body-worship" have set a almost unreachable standard for young women and men in America today. Young adults today strive to reach a ultimate goal of  physical perfection that is never reached as the standards get lower and lower. Though the goal is never met, young men and women attempt to use any tactic to decrease body weight, and increase "beauty" using any method given, even if it hurts their physical body in the present time, or the impending future.

The recent craze of bullet-digestion has posed multiple health risks to thousands if not millions of young teens today, adults would sometimes find their developing adolescent teens purchasing highly illegal "human-grade" bullets that are intended for digestion for the purpose of losing weight while increasing a sense of general well-being.

How is it intended to work? We'll show you how:

Here's one of the first websites to introduce this "revolutionary products"\

The website promises a weight lost of ten pounds in the very first trial of his "products". In a medical perspective, that's a very dangerous amount of weight to lose in such a short time frame. But how does it work?

The idea, is that the same weight-loss pills that rich people buy, are processed with military/police enforcement-grade ballistics. Though highly unlikely of these products being processed together, is it possible?

In order to put this theory into the realms of possibility, and assuming it was possible that they were both processed together, we have to assume that the weight-loss pills work, and if the gigantic difference between the active ingredients between a full pledged pill, and residual/trace amounts of dust inside of vats of molten lead would be enough to allow someone to lose weight into the point of losing 10 pounds per trial.

This puts the possibility of it even working extremely low, unless the manufacturers of "human-grade ballistics" are lying. In the case that they are lying, could this simply be another ruse to sell desperate teens their already on the market weight lost pills? Could this just be another re-branded  pill that pose the same dangers of the pills on the market today?

Now how would one get an higher sense of general well-being? If we were to read more, the businesses website describes a particular effect of combining lead and the various ingredients of "rich people weight-lost pills" that increase dopamine in the brain, which in turn, makes us feel better. Now, there is no possible way of testing and finding out if this is true since the actual ingredients are not listed on the website. If this was true, much better financed and smarter governments and/or business would have discovered way before this website would have.

In the "realm of possibility" that these guys just discovered it first, it would be a much better idea to just sell the invention to a business on a agreed commission, and a percentage of the business commission based on the sales of this "new product". But in this "realm of possibility", they decided to create a entire business based on a single product, which is a plan for disaster.

The dangers and risks of digesting a bullet varies actually don't depend if the ballistic is active, or deactivated. Despite common beliefs, the bullet probably won't shoot out of your body randomly, there just isn't a way for the gunpowder to activate inside of your gooey wet body. The problems lie in severe blockage and lead poisoning.

In technicality,  you can eat anything, but it doesn't make it good for you. Think of it this way; You eat a bullet, you wait, you sit on the toilet pushing out a 10 inch lead bullet screaming and yelling. Unless you're a gal/guy that really enjoys childbirth via.anus, it isn't going to be a pleasurable experience.

The main contributor to this dangerous practice is low self-esteem. Teens are willing to do anything to lose weight, even if they result in damaging their own body. Let's admit it, kids do stupid things, even before asking questions, they jump at the opportunity and end up getting more then they bargained for.

All the benefits can and should be stroked out as NIL in till proven otherwise, and the obvious consequences outweigh the benefits, which are currently at zero.

I rest my case.