Thursday, June 9, 2011

Giveaway of the Day

Sorry, we aren't giving out free dimes and nickels for some pastries at your local doughnut shop. Nope, we're taking a look at the website, "".

The idea of the website is, you get to download software for absolutely no cost towards you, (Other then your immoral decency of not buying it!) that would otherwise cost you money. Companies that create software and programs honestly need help spreading the word about their company and/or products. So they go over the the men and women at "" and offer to offer their product for free.


You then, download the software for free, and suddenly, you're aware of the existence of a certain company, and the quality of the products they offer. The software is a one time offer in a 24 hour timeframe, if you're too late, tough luck. The software will not be updated or patched in the future, and you are getting it for what it is.

For you, the common man, its pretty beneficial to get some things for free in this economy, and for the average programmer, gets the word out about their products.

The programs and software offered at Giveaway of the Day, is mostly miscellaneous software ranging from screensaver, computer server software, video editing, screen capturing whatnots. Some days the software offered isn't something you can use, and really care about, and other days, you have your lucky day, and download something you've been saving money for a while for. Each day, there is one product chosen to be featured on the website, and only for that one day, that one product will appear and be open to download.

Chances are, if you casually use the computer/internet then it'll be of less use to you, but if you're a tech-savvy person, you'll love this site.

Today, their offering a watermarking tool for your photographs, to keep people from stealing your precious works of art!

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