Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Take Quick Notes

So you're sitting in class, and your teacher's going on and on about triangles. I mean, get a job or something right? Well, your friend "Tom", needs you to copy down some notes because had to go to the doctors today. Darn Tom!

Well, if you want to take notes, follow these basic tips, and you'll be on your way on becoming the best note taker in the universe. 
  • Write only what's important. If your teacher's talking about circles, and ends up talking about that one time he got completely drunk with his friends in college, you don't have to write that.
  • Shorten. You don't need to write "because" or "due to the fact of" completely out in letters, sometimes you need those extra few seconds to catch up. For me personally, instead of actually using words to connect ideas, I use actual arrows to point at each other. For example, "man that killed tom -> bob."
  • Use pictures. Can't remember how that word is spelled? Draw a picture. Don't spend precious time trying to remember if it started with a J, or a M. If tom climbed the mountain, "Tom climbed the ~^~"
  • Emphasize what's important and what isn't. Though all your notes should be important, there are certain dates and names that are important to remember. Bolden, circle, or even double circle the things you know will be important in that upcoming test. Use things that will catch your eye when your skim your notes.
Everyone has different methods of taking notes, basing on whether they are a visual, audio or a kinestetic learner. Also, tell your friend to stop spending time "getting sick", and more time in school!

So you've got a ear infection every Thursday morning  for the past six years eh?