Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quick Tip! 2


Quick Tip! Tips which are quick! So, you're playing hookey after school with your friends, and you're clearly the best player on the entire team, however, you suddenly and viciously get attacked by multiple people with metal bats. (Not the flying ones, although if you did see flying metal bats, you should contact the police immediately!) I'll give you some pointers to tell whether or not a bone's broken or not.
Usually if a bone's broken some indicators would be:
  • Loud crack, grinding during the incident at the location of damage
  • Swelling, bruising, if a bone's broken chances are the muscles around it would be affected as well.
  • Pain to put weight on the injury, and if attempting to move the injured body part.
  • Deformities. If you're arm suddenly has a a stick-like structure sticking out, I might suggest heading to the emergency room.
If you suspect that someone may have broken your bone, don't move the affected area and get medical attention. If the break is serious, and blood is gushing out everywhere, go to the emergency room. If its less severe, go to your doctor.

After going to the doctors, often, the injury would be treated by properly aligned to allow healing. Otherwise, you could have permanent deformity, joint problems, and a serious infection.

For more information on identifying bone breakage and fractures, contact your doctor on your next visit/checkup.