Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gun Permits - NYC

Gun laws regulate the sale and possession and use of firearms. I mean, we don't want four year olds running around with machine guns in the streets playing hookey; am I right, or am I right?

Applications for gun permits can be submitted until 8 PM on Mondays.
That means, if you wish to get a gun permit, arrive before 8 PM and make sure to arrive with enough time for processing of a application which ranges around 45 minutes. Make sure to bring everything you need.
"Applicants must arrive at 1 Police Plaza or the Rifle/Shotgun Section, 120-55 Queens Boulevard, Kew Gardens"' -nyc.gov
Types of Licenses:
Premises Licenses - A restricted form of licenses, which means that the licenses will apply only in that specific residence or business. So that means, no bringing out your new glock to shoot some cans at your friends backyards. (Sucks, I know!) This licenses permits the transportation of the weapon and ammunition in separate locked containers to and from authorized ranges and hunting locations.

Carry Business Licenses - A unrestricted form of license. This license allows a concealed handgun on the person the license has been given to, which means no lending your pistol to your buds at the bar unless written approval from the commanding officer of the NYC licenses division. The licenses is only valid to the business name, address and specific handgun listed on the license. So that means you can't get one license for your handgun, then go off and buy six more guns.

Limited Carry Business Licenses - A restricted form of licenses. The person with the licenses can only carry the handgun under the specific limitations listed on the licenses. So, if the licenses says you can only have the weapon at your job in the bank, you can't bring it back home to make all your relatives jealous during a family reunion. The weapon must be safeguarded at all times within the confines of the business address listed on the license. Either it on the person in a proper holster, or stored unloaded in a locked safe.

Special Carry Licenses - Is valid for only the business name, address, and handguns listed on the license only while the owner of the license has a basic county license according to the provisions of article 400 of N.Y.S. penal law. Upon suspension, cancellation, revocation of the basic license, the special license is void, and must return to the license division.

Carry Guard Licenses - This licenses is mainly for people that work in jobs such as "security guards". The licenses allows the carry of the weapon listed on the license in transit between residential and place of employment. Licenses is only valid during employment, if you're fired, the licenses no longer applies. Documentation must be provided by the company itself, and at any other time must be kept unloaded and in a locked container.

Fees -
Application Fee - $340.00
Fingerprint Fee - $94.25
All fees are paid by separate money orders, or credit card. Made payable to the NYC Police department.

Even if you are denied a license, your money will not be returned.

Instructions: All applications must be hand written, no photocopies. It must be completely filled out, and presented personally at one of the license divisions. You must have the following with your person, and all original and certified copies will be returned.

2x color photographs of yourself in the past 30 days, picture must measure 1½ x 1½ and from chest up. No wearing an article of clothing that may obscure identification in the picture. (Don't be clever and wear sunglasses and a full banana and a mask)

1x Birth Certificate, or some other proof of birth must be submitted (Military record, U.S. passport, baptismal certificate). You must be atleast 21 years old to apply for a gun license

1x Proof of Citizenship/Alien Registration, if you are born outside the United States, you must bring naturalization papers or evidence of citizenship if derived from your parents. All other people must bring their Alien Registration Card. If you've lived in this Country for less then 7 years you must submit a good conduct certificate, or equivalent, from country of origin and 2 letters of reference that certify to your good character

1x Military Discharge, if you have been discharged from the army, you must submit separation papers and your discharge

1x Proof of Residence, bring proof that you actually live in the place you claim to live. Things such as your lease, real estate tax bill, utility bill etc.

1x Arrest Information, if you've ever been arrested, you must mark yes to question #23, and you must supply a notarized statement describing the circumstances surrounding each arrest or summons. You must do this even if, the case was dismissed, the record was sealed, or the case was nullified by the operation of law. If you've ever been convicted or plead guilty to a felony offence or a serious offence, a original certificate of relief or disabilities must be signed by a judge and submitted.

1x Order of Protection, if you've ever had a order of protection issued against you, or behalf of you against someone else, you must list the court of issuance, date of issuance, complainant name, address and phone number, complainant's relationship to you, and the reason for the Order of Protection.

1x Proof of Business Ownership, if you are making a application for carry or premises licenses for use in connection of a business you must submit proof of ownership of that business. It a corporation, the names of the corporate officers. The corporation must submit its corporate book to include filing receipt, certificate of incorporation and minutes of their corporate meeting reflecting current corporate officers others must provide business certificate or partner ship agreement. If the business requires a licenses or permit from any government agency such as firearms sales, gun smith, private investigation, guard agency, you must submit certified copy of the licenses. You must submit proof of address, which could be a utility bill, in the name of the business or a lease in name of the business

1x Letter of Necessity, for carry licenses and seeking a premises license for use of connection with their employment must compete the letter of necessity on page 3 of the application. No substitutes will be accepted.

1x Social Security Card, all person filing applications must bring their original Social Security Card.

All permits still must be associated with another licenses if applicable to the license. This is not meant to be instructional guide but rather increase understanding of the types of Gun Permits, and the items required to receive a gun licenses. Nothing here is kept to date, any questions should be directed to a legal consultant. We are not responsible for anything you do with this information.