Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Whats adF.ly You may ask? Well take out the period, add a space, suddenly you have "Ad Fly" so now we know it's a fly in which has a "Ad". No but seriously, its a URL shortener. The idea is that if you have a link thats pretty darn long and you don't want to end up posting a link with seventy characters, then this will certainly help you out.

Also, no. I am not just reviewing a website that redirects your URLs. The beauty of this one is that, you can make some green for your pockets. I'm not talking illegal drugs now, you can make some extra money along the side if you oftenly post links.

Here's a scenario, you're average joe, and on Facebook, you post links to some pretty crazy youtube videos, or pictures of your niece. Being the popular guy you are, what if you were paid money for people just looking at the link. (Not physically looking at it, but actually going into the website. I wish!) You could be literally rolling in dough! Not exactly sanitary, but whatever suits you right?

AdF.ly has a very large userbase, and a active forums so its not disappearing over-night with your money. The website gives you various options and settings to fit your needs. If you're a greedy jerk, you can make all your links go to a advertising website for five seconds and then be able to go to the destination website, and get the most bang for your time. Or, if you're a bit more compassionate, you force people to see a banner when they reach their destination website.

Here's examples of both:
Interstitial Advertisement (The 5 second one/the most bang for your time one)
Framed Banner Advertisement (The banner one)

While you won't be making hundreds a day, or even dollars for the start, but if you keep it up, for every 1000 visitors of any links, so collectively you can make $4.00. This isn't rocket science, you won't be living off of this (Unless you know the tricks of the trade, and if you do, you should really email me ;O) you can make some extra pocket money for doing things you've already been doing.

If you're up to the challenge, why not use my referral link? We're make some money together as a team! :http://adf.ly/?id=133628

If not, I'll play honest Joe, and give you their homepage, without trying to profit. There you go you little bugger: http://adf.ly/

Regardless of working together in a team with me, or going solo, best of luck, and see you next time!