Thursday, June 23, 2011

Challenges 1

Challenge's? "Hah! I challenge you, to give me a challenge I can't completely and utterly succeed in!" Don't worry, but we're in no hurry, so allow me to explain the idea of this post. As most of us know, Summer Vacation can become pretty boring, eventually playing games or going to the park just won't cut it. I'll give you some challenges to make your life a little bit more interesting.

Extreme kayaking just isn't enough now days eh?

The Saltine Cracker Challenge.
The challenge is to consume and eat, six saltine crackers within a sixty second time frame (No crumbs!) without any fluids. Sounds pretty easy right? Obviously some of you have heard about this challenge, and heard about how difficult it really is. The reason it's so difficult, is because the crackers quickly exhaust all the available saliva in your mouth. In very most, people generally eat at least two crackers without water. Think you can do it? Invite your friends over, tell them you're having a Saltine Cracker eating slumber party. Sounds like fun right?

Gallon of Milk Challenge
Yep, you've heard of this one. Drink one gallon of milk within one hour, without emptying the contents of your stomach within the time frame. Some of you smarter people might start shouting "Woah! You want to kill these people with water intoxication?" Well, the reason it's a gallon of milk challenge, and not the gallon of water/death challenge, is because milk generally contains less water then, water. The reason it's harder to do is that milk is generally harder to consume due to the large amounts of fat and protein which will try to keep all the milk within the stomach (The stomach can generally hold a half a gallon.). Good luck.

If this cat can do it, you can do it.

Letter removal Challenge
Now you might have heard of this little "game" which can be played more independently, to oppose to calling your friends over to chug some milk. The idea of the game is to pick a specific letter in the English alphabet, and for the duration of that day, you are not allowed to use that letter in any of your spoken sentences. This game challenges you to think before you speak, and can help develop a more creative mind, and/or larger vocabulary. First, try some easy letters like "Z" or "Y", then go ultra-hardcore and avoid letters like "T" and "A".

So, there's 3 challenges, try to do at least one for maximal desired excitement this weekend, and who could't use a little bit more excitement in your life right? Two generally "social" challenges, and one "independent" challenge, but at the end of the day, they can be altered to be played with friends, or just to challenge yourself.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "You call these challenges? Where are the death defying motorbike jumps? These challenges are pretty lame." Sorry, but not everyone has a motorbike, otherwise that would have been the first thing I suggested.

These challenges aren't manly enough? Try mountain climbing, upside down.