Monday, August 8, 2011

8 Awesome Scholarships

People who go to college have greater chances of better jobs and better pay. Would you rather have a well-educated, college graduate working for you, or some high school drop-out that'll probably steal your money when you aren't looking? The problem is, college is expensive. It's not like saving money for that PS3, or that iPod; It'll cost you a pretty penny.

Below, you'll find six awesome scholarships that some may find a bit strange, but nonetheless are pretty darn awesome.

1. "Be Tall Scholarship"
If you are greater than this height, you might not exist in order to claim such scholarship.

How Much: 1000$
What You Need To Do:
You need to be five foot ten inches tall as a female, or six feet two inches tall as a male. That's right, you get a thousand dollars for school, for being born tall. Better make sure those kids grow big and tall now.

2. "Be Left-Handed Scholarship"
How Much: 1000$
What You Need To Do:
From the name, you can probably guess what you need to do. You need to be a left-handed person, or at least appear like one. *wink*

Every year, two lucky left-handed young adults, will get a 1,000$ scholarship, for basically doing what they do best, being left-handed. It's like getting money for breathing.

Frederick and Mary F Beckley Scholarship

3. "Know About The FBI Scholarship"

Too cool for school.

How Much: 250$
What You Need To Do:
Basically, go on Google, find out as much as you can about the FBI, and take a test. It's like getting paid to see if you know much about an organization. Maybe it'll finally pay off to watch all of those crime drama shows?

Two hundred and fifty dollars might actually not sound like a lot of money, but think about it. At such a crazy time such as college, money flies. That extra 250$ might be enough to keep you in school

4. "Make The Best Duck Tape Outfit, Dress Up In The Outfit, And Become Extremely Sweaty As The Day Progresses As You Wear It In A School Prom With Your Friends Scholarship"

Looking pretty snappy there.

How Much:
5,000$ For The Winning Couple (Each)
3,000$ For The Second Place Couple (Each)
2,000$ For The Third Place Couple (Each)
500$ For The Seven Runner-Ups Couple
23,500$ Worth Of Scholarship Prizes In Total
What You Need To Do:
Create a original, well-thought out, good-looking outfit out of duck tape. What's next? Take a picture of it and throw it on the curb? No, you have to actually wear with another participate, to your Prom. It's suddenly a good thing that you'll never see your friends again right?

5. "Be Short Scholarship"
How Much: Up to 250$-1000$
What You Need To Do:
Be Short. I don't mean a few inches off a average height though. You need to medically have dwarfism to have the best chances to get in, otherwise, four feet ten inches will work too. Not exactly something you can work towards.

Sorry "average" people, there's no scholarship for being "average". Better luck with your kids though.

6. "Be Overweight Scholarship"
Guess which mouse is going to college? Trick question, both of them are.

How Much: 500$
What You Need To Do:
Go to the Supermarket and purchase six boxes of doughnuts. Insert food into mouth. Repeat as necessary.

7. "Bake The Best Apple Pie Scholarship"

After this picture was taken, a "every man himself" ensured.

How Much: $25,000
What You Need To Do:
Bake the best darn Apple Pie you've ever made! Even if you got every single scholarship above, it's no match for twenty-five thousand dollars. Imagine the amount of education you could get for that!?

You'll need to bake a pie with a original recipe, take a picture of it, write a short essay, and send it to them. Not too shabby for $25,000 right?

8. "Take A Test About Fire Sprinklers Scholarship"
How Much:  $5,000/$20,000
What You Need To Do:
Take a test about fire sprinklers. Does that sound a bit too difficult? You don't feel like go to a test area, and talking to strange new people? Don't worry, it's on the internet. Hold on, you have no idea what a fire sprinkler is? Don't worry, you get a "essay" with all the information in it, it's pretty much a open-book test. What's that? You don't like money? Tough Cheese.

It's as simple as taking a short test. The more answers you get right, the greater chance of winning the scholarship. High school seniors can participate in the $20,000 scholarship prize, while high school graduates can only receive the $5,000 prize. Still, it's better than baking delicious pastry right?