Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 Reasons That Going Back To School Is Great

School, it can be one of the most exciting time during your lifetime or one of the most time wasted, boring periods of your life. Despite what you think, it's actually a good thing that a lot of us are going back to school soon. Before you grab your torches and pitchforks, hear me out.

3. Purpose

One of life's biggest mysteries is life itself. How did we come into being? What is the purpose of life? Some people at adolescent stage of life feel that life has no purpose, and that we're simply small lifeforms that mean nothing and compared to the number of people in the world and how large the galaxy is, we are insignificant. (Feel free to add more ranting to the end of the previous sentence.)

As a child or 'young adult', life is pretty simple. You go to bed,  you eat, you drink, you shower, you go to school, you do homework and you repeat. (Including various social acceptance sub-plots) Although, during the summer, many people haven't found activities to replace school, such as volunteering, tutoring, or work. The result is 3 months of meaningless 'hanging out with friends' and browsing the web.

Going back to school can give you an actual goal and set purpose in life. Get good grades. Sounds better than throwing you a toolbox and pushing you off into the wilderness to decide your own destiny, right?

Unless you're Bear Grylls.

2. A Fresh Start

For some (many) people, last term was a rocky experience. Grades went down and friends abandoned you. The start of a new term can offer many new things and experiences. You'll get a fresh new opportunity to start over, with a clean slate.

Did you hide rats inside your English Teacher's handbag? Tired of the everyday tension you get from her? No worries! You'll get a new English Teacher! Perhaps you told your friend that'll you're going to murder them on Facebook, and they placed a restraining order? Well, sorry, we can't help you in that department.

Here's a tip, don't make "dropping the soap" jokes. It'll remind everyone to hurt you violently.

If you made a few mistakes with your friends and/or teachers, you can start fresh with new teachers and friends. All your problems are basically gone from history. Although if you made a few bomb threats here and there, you might want to change your name, and social security number.

The biggest benefit is a fresh start grade-wise. You won't have that '55' from the first semester to stare you down every couple of months, as you hand your report card to your mother. It's like you were given an opportunity to give it another go, maybe you might make it to college someday.

Of Course You Will.

1. Actual Education

Unless you spent the summer researching the lost history of some unknown civilization, you probably didn't do much in the past 3 months. Other than playing the occasional video game and going outside, your brain wasn't really used much. Contrary to popular belief, playing games and sitting around the computer playing flash game isn't very a marketable thing. Can't exactly list "Played eighty hours of COD: Black Ops" on your resume.

Going to school is generally a good thing. The idea is to give you the basic tools needed for life as an adult. Going on the internet playing "Sonny 2" for six hours, doesn't.

"How will I become CEO of Google now?!"

Regardless on how much you believe in the public education system, it's better than child labor right? Would you rather support your family the day you were born, stripping all possibility of climbing the social ladder, or go to school? Healthcare for the millions if not billions of child laborers would be non-existent. Chances are, most children will die before becoming full-fledged adults. Sounds better than detention to me.

The education you get at school is given from trained professionals with 1 on 1 help. Not something you can get for free online.You should be darned proud for any type of free education. (Ignoring that you'll later pay taxes, which will pay for your children's education and so on.)