Friday, August 12, 2011

4 Of The Richest Companies (By Revenue) In The World

Richest companies in the world? Cha ching! I guess I'll be using this list to determine which company I'm going to become the CEO at! In the following list, you'll find five of the riches companies in the world, excluding some less-interesting ones along the way. I mean, who wants to read about four oil companies in a row right?

4. Samsung Electronics

Samsung is one of the riches companies in the entire world. Samsung pretty much topples the competition in information technology. They have over 187,800 employee's as of 2009, and since those employees don't get paid by good-will and happy wishes, they'll have to make a pretty dime.

"Instead of Christmas bonuses, here's a bunch of delicious cupcakes!" 

The international company brings in about 133.78 billion dollars revenue yearly as of 2010. How much is that? Definitely more than a few cars and houses on the beach side. Think more like skyscrapers and entire city blocks. But how much of the money do they get to keep?

What I mean is, after using the money to pay employees, expansion, and machinery, how much do they have left? After punching in the numbers, they have a net income of 13.67 billion dollars. Nothing to laugh about still, you could buy a few nice basketball teams and hotels with that much money.

I'll take six.

3. Toyota

Toyota is one of those house-known names. In fact, they have 317,734 employees as of 2010 to back them up. That's almost two times more people than Samsung! 317,734 employees work for Toyota around the world, making fine automobiles. Despite being only the number three largest automobile manufacturer in the world, they still bring in the dough.

Toyota brings in about ¥18.99 trillion yen yearly, as of 2010. In our currency, that's $235.89 billion dollars a year. So yeah, Toyota could technically buy a few more mega-casinos than Samsung.

Take that Samsung!

Again, how much of the stack of cash do they actually get to keep? After all the employees and machines are paid for, Toyota is left with 5.07 billion dollars. What happen Toyota? Since we can safely assume that a pretty lady didn't work her charm on the CEO where did it all go?

It's business, it takes money to make money. Sadly, Toyota didn't have a "expenses" sheet short enough for me to read throughly. In all honestly, do you really want four paragraphs or so about the costs of light fixtures and tire sockets?

2. BP

BP? That evil, travesty of a company is one of the riches companies in the world? Indeed. The BP family only consist of 79,900 employees, perhaps something 'tragic' happened to them on their way home from work between Church Avenue and Houston Street. What a shame.

What a darn shame.

How much could these guys bring in though right? After that disaster, they're probably on the bottom of the list, in the terms of revenue right? Wrong. They make almost 308.9 billion dollars yearly as of 2010. Hooky smockers! That's a lot of skyscrapers.

How much do they get to keep? They can't possibly hold on to that much money, with all the disaster and such right? I guess you're right this time. They only keep 3.3 billion dollars of it. Perhaps they can settle for skyscraper-sized yacht?

Dang it.

1. (Look Below)

Who could possibly be the biggest company in the entire world? Perhaps one of those large computer companies? Apple or Microsoft right? Actually, they're on the bottom of the list, with only 65.3 billion (Apple) and 69.94 billion (Microsoft) revenue yearly. You could hardly buy a western democratic nation with that much money! When the news went crazy about "Apple having more money than the U.S. Government", they should have had a giant list with companies with more money than Apple!

So who could it be? I'll stop pulling your tail. The great, richest company (by revenue) in the entire world, is Walmart.

They make more money than your ancestors and future children's children's children will ever make.

Go to any nation in the world and you'll probably find a Walmart here and there. Also, the company can boast 2.1 million employees as of 2011! That's practically an entire nation! It's always the people not on the news, that are really making the money.

How much could they possibly make? One hundred, two hundred billion dollars? If you said exactly 421.879 billion dollars, you'll be absolutely correct. Now, that's practically enough to buy all the sport teams in the world, including a few palaces, national monuments, and solid gold house, not too shabby Walmart.

Not too shabby at all, Mister President.

How much do they keep yearly though? If you guessed exactly 25.542 billion dollars, you'll be correct. You're on fire today! It still might not sound a lot, but if you paid off over 2.1 million employees and facilities, and still had a few dollar left over, you'll be pretty content.

Mike Duke, (CEO of Walmart) you're next on my list.

Look at that handsome devil! Would certainly be a shame if anything happened to him.