Friday, August 19, 2011

5 Of The Best-Selling Video Game Franchises Ever

The game industry is one of the largest industry, in the industry. That's a lot of industries. But which franchises have the best games, or at least are marketed very well. Lets find out together, eh?


Don't we all love a good game of football (Soccer)? Why go outside, and enjoy the benefits and rewards of real soccer, when you can have all the enjoyment without actual friends and/or benefits? Electronic Arts releases a yearly game based of the actual FIFA competition, featuring certain teams and features. The game series also can boast the actual official license from FIFA, and licenses from football teams around the world. Take that every other football based game.

Basically the same thing.

The newest game, FIFA 11 is known to be the fastest selling sports game of all time. FIFA 11 caught $150 million before the first week of release ended; along with that, 2.6 million games were sold. The entire series has been known to have sold over 100 million games around the world for both consoles and computers.

4. The Sims

The Sims is one of those life simulation games. One of the most popular of its kind around the would in fact; Even though the game itself doesn't have an actual goal though, you are free to do what you wish, even if it results in death or starvation of your "Sim". The best part is, instead of updating the base game or creating numerous patches, they cleverly decided to release hundreds of expansion packs, each costing its own amount depending on its features. Which might have contributed to the amount of 'games' they've sold.

Sorry, wrong picture. Simo Hayha is just too good looking not to put here.

The Sims franchise can boast over 140 million games/expansion packs sold. It appears they did better then your lemonade stand when you were 7. 

3. Tetris

Tetris is one of those games passed down from generation to generation. The game series was so successful, you can easily find hundreds if not thousands of spin-offs and clones of the game, all of which still bring in the dough.

Tetris, with XBOX 360 graphics. What a revolution in the game industry.

Admit it, you have it on your cell phone, and play it occasionally. While it might not provide to thrill of shooting a bunch of terrorist in the face, it's still good fashion fun. Some scientist have even said that playing Tetris may actually make you smarter, (In a sense) so maybe you should play Tetris more often John. Overall, the Tetris franchise have sold over 175 million copies world-wide.

2. Pokemon

We all remember watching season one of "Pokemon" on a lazy Saturday afternoon in our youthful bliss. Pretty much every kid had a Pokemon deck, and played in homes, playgrounds, and even schools. (In till everyone moved on to Yugioh of course.)

It was a very confusing time for us kids.

Despite of that, Pokemon is one of the best-selling games of all time. Could it be because of the hundreds of different variations and plots that they sell? Possibly. Anyways, they've sold over 207 million copies worldwide. Take that football.

1. Mario

Don't we all have a copy of the original NES version in the back of our closets? It's a classic; along with the hundreds of reboots and spin-offs. We all love that Italian plumber as he sets forth to save the princess, while falling into several pits of doom during the process.

Think Mario sucks? The Mario franchise collected over 262 million games sold under their belt. How many games staring you have you sold?
"Look, I'm wearing some crazy animal suit! Why? Because screw you."

Notable runner-ups:

Final Fantasy: 100 Million
Grand Theft Auto: 100 Million
The Legend of Zelda: 59 Million
Call of Duty: 55 Million
Counter Strike: 22 Million
Diablo: 20 Million
Half Life: 16 Million
Hitman: 8-10 Million
Max Payne: 7 Million

Note most of the best-selling games series usually have hundreds of sequels and/or prequels in order to claim such large numbers in sales. While other series only have a one or two games, and still get millions to purchase their games. So I'm not saying "game A is better than game B."