Saturday, October 22, 2011

Skyakes Update

What's this? An article telling me that there's not going to be a article today? What witchery! But putting that aside, let me inform you that there won't be a post today? But why's that? Did I spend all Saturday sitting around doing nothing all day?

Was this picture taken directly from a google search of "evil villain laughter? Yes. Yes it was.

In other news, I'll like to inform everybody that we're certainly not close to being 'dead' as a blog. I just felt that it was time to take to everybody in a "one on one" approach other than vaguely talking about Skyakes on our Facebook page or our Twitter page.  (All of which you should subscribe to.)

This swiftly placed smiling face has now lighten the mood.

What I'll like to tell you guys is that we've surpassed all of our previous months' page views, this month. All thanks to our dedicated readers and foreign internet wanderers that somehow found their way to this website. For all of which, thank you. It's been a pleasure staying up every night writing articles for your entertainment. While that might have sounded sarcastic, I meant it wholeheartedly. The satisfaction from getting comments, likes, and views really gives me, and our staff the drive needed to keep pushing and pushing.

Excluding last month, we've been getting increased traffic every month. The first month, we achieved 462 views, on the second, 463, and as of today, 531 views. While this may not sound like a lot to you, why don't you go ahead and trying writing a blog in such a competitive field on the internet? The best part about it, is the fact that I've yet to "advertise" Skyakes in the sense of running around, spamming internet boards and buying ads on the internet. The growth of Skyakes is currently "word of the mouth" and we hope to keep it that way until we're 100% ready for the full force of the internet.

Pictured: Mysteriously whimsical internet dwellers

On a different topic, we are still moving things around a little bit behind the scenes and we'll like to inform you that we'll have everything good and ready by the end of this month, or the start of next month. Until then, I'll see you on Monday.