Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Horrifying Tuesday: Premature Burial

As you may have noticed, we haven't had a "Horrifying Tuesday" segment since 1753! Thankfully, we will today! Instead of making an excuse relating to brainstorming a truly horrifying topic, I'll tell you the truth. I literally could not find the right topic to talk about. From super-sized crabs to crazy freak of natures, almost nothing compares to the fate of dying due to "premature burial". Even while  movies and TVs have you on the end of your seat praying that the main character will make it out alive, it's extremely difficult to capture the true essence of being buried alive.

This game on the other hand, captures the minute details of premature burial.

If you were declared legally dead and buried, your death would most likely be cause by suffocation. But what exactly does it mean to be suffocated to death? You'll probably just smack around for a few hours before succumbing to a familiar warm feeling of death, right? Unsurprisingly, it can be one of the most horrifying ways to die in the book of methods of dying.

Unless you wake up in a coffin full if angry dwarves with knives, you'll probably die from carbon dioxide poisoning and lack of oxygen in general. Every breath you take will further assure your slow and painful demise. If you thought that dying in a coffin would be comparable to slowly passing away in your sleep, you would be wrong, dead wrong.

Because you'll be dead.

The first symptoms that you'll face from carbon dioxide poisoning is rapid breathing, shortness of breath, confusion, muscle twitches, flushed skin, dizziness, headaches, and reduced hearing. All of this is only the start of what's to come for your eventual death. If you are unable to find a source of fresh oxygen or escape,(preferably.) your sight will become dimmed, you skin will begin to excrete sweat, your muscular tremors will become more evident, and you'll eventually pass out and never wake up.

So you could imagine waking up 8 feet under the earth, experiencing extreme claustrophobia, smacking and kicking before you realize that you have a limited oxygen supply and begin to bargain your last few minutes/hours before you completely run out of air. Your head begins to hurt, the coffin starts to spin, your fingers and hands start to shake from the combination of adrenaline and the break down of your nervous system. A few minutes later, you begin to sweat, your panic returns, you scream your final few breaths before the coffin begins to go dark, your headache reaches the levels of insanity, your nervous system is probably beyond repair, your arms and legs shake violent out of control. Finally, you give up, you close your eyes despite the hammer crushing into your head, you await death as the sounds and lights of the world dim and leave you.

Life just got two hundred and sixty four times scarier.

Allow me to note that the previous "statements" are completely subjective. Obviously, I have never been legally declared dead nor buried alive. It's purely a speculation, so no need to worry. I'm sure that premature burial is actually pretty fun! 

Pictured: Premature Burial

But in all seriousness though, one would be dead in a mere two hours from burial time due to the lack of oxygen and increase of carbon dioxide. There have been cases in which people die instantly in extremely high CO2 concentrated areas because the carbon dioxide nearly chokes the oxygen out of the victim. After you fall unconscious, your other bodily organs will follow along and go into organ failure from the lack of oxygen and will ensure that you won't wake up a third time.