Saturday, September 10, 2011

5 Of The Most Horrifying Torture Devices Ever

Despite historians telling us that torture devices during the medieval age wasn't as common as we thought, it's a eye-opening topic to remind us all how fragile our bodies really are. These torture devices take advantage of our fragile body parts, effectively destroy or maiming the limb or flesh. Regardless of the device being designed for extraction of information or execution, they're pretty darn scary. You probably wouldn't give these contraptions to toddlers.


Warning: Large probable amounts of NSFW material below. There might be pictures and words depicting gruesome scenes of torture and violence. Pictures of nudity, blood, and gore may be included below. Please view at your own risk. After this paragraph however, you are considered warned.

5. The Spanish Donkey

What's the Spanish Donkey? Is it some evil breed of muscle donkeys professionally trained to extract information? Sadly, no. This little bugger is nothing but a few boards and a few weights. But that doesn't mean we can laugh it off like a bad joke. You can probably inflict a lot of pain with nothing but pebble. Before you start getting any ideas however, let's take a look at the Spanish Donkey okay?

Pictured: Pain and agony

The Spanish Donkey torture includes a unpleasant 'horseback' ride. The victim is forced to a V shaped vertical board with the point on top. Usually, you'll probably get a bad wedgie and slowly wiggle off. However, in this torture, weights are attached to you feet, dragging your body into the wedge. As time passes, more weights are attached to the person in till the person gradually gets split into two. Imagining what it'll look like between "not dead" and "dead" is probably a gruesome thought as they're in mid-split and screaming as the wedge pushes into the chest cavity.

4. The Revolving Drum

So what's this? Some type of new hipster drum with seven different sized drums spinning about a axle? Sadly not. The Revolving drum is un-surprisingly another torture device. The whimsical contraption looks like a simple platform with a barrel that spins in the middle, and a "neck holder". Perhaps I've mistaken a high-tech massage table for a torture device? Did I mention that the barrel included magical spikes, that stab you? Because that's a pretty vital part.

I forgot something else. Why don't you come over here and I'll tell you?

The contraption would usually be used for interrogations. The victim would be placed into the device while being held down. After the person refuses the answer the question, the victim is pleasantly surprised with a nice warm massage on their chest. Wait, I meant horrible mutilation of the chest. Each time the victim refused to answer the question, the torturer would turn the barrel a complete revolution. To put the butter on the toast, weights were placed on the backs of the victim to further push the victim's torso into the blood encrusted rusty spikes.

3. Spanish Tickler

" A little to the right."

Oh! Well this one must be pleasant! It probably includes a few Spanish children gently laughing and tickling you in a warm grass field full of daises and roses while butterflies flutter around in their majestic flight! But it's more probable that it's one of the most flesh mutilating torture device ever.

The Spanish Tickler is a claw shaped object used to rip and destroy flesh on demand. The device would dig into the victim's flesh like a knife, slice itself closed like scissors, then pull itself out along with flesh, veins, arteries like a stapler remover. In more simpler designs, it would simply be a claw that would give the victim a violent back scratch.

2. The Pear

Great! It's time for some refreshments after all those horrific thoughts of bleeding flesh right! If you consider refreshments as more torture devices, then sure, why not? The Pear is another famous torture device used as sexual related and blasphemous punishment. It's shaped like a pear with a handle, but it probably doesn't give you the same nutritional values.

Not Pictured: Deliciously Nutritious Fruit

The round end of the pear can be placed in almost any open "hole" of a person, including mouth or rectum. After the pear is placed and secure, the torturer slowly turns the screws that open the "leaves" of the device. As the screws are turned, the victim's mouth or rectum is slowly pulled apart. If the torturer has been having a bad day, he may open the pear to the point that it dislocates and tears your jaw apart. However, if placed in your rectum, you may have a difficult time in the bathroom.

1. Breast Ripper

Well, it appears the inventor of torture devices ran out of clever puns for his "products". The breast ripper is, a ripper of breast, hence the name. This device would be used on women that were condemned heretics, blasphemers, or adulterers. The breast being one of the body parts that openly separate a women from a man, would be strong hit to the morale if removed forcibly. (Also, people aren't very keen to the idea of "shredding your entire breast")

The device would be placed around the breast of the female victim and the torturer would quickly pull back and close the device, effectively ripping the breast apart into shredded bits. This torture rarely resulted in a quick death, and would usually be followed by other torture devices. The device can be used hot or cold.


Other versions of the device included the same claw shape, on a wall. The female would be placed against the wall, claws on her chest and she would be rapidly pulled back in order to rip the "body part" off the victim. So yeah, you would probably be a little shaken.