Thursday, September 15, 2011

3 Weak Spots Of The Human Body

Today, we're going to discuss four/soft spots of the human body. We don't mean emotions or feelings, we're talking about hardcore weak points that you can use to your advantage in a "self-defense" scenario. What that means is you shouldn't run around punching people in the neck for the laugh and giggles.

3. The "Stomach"

Your stomach is probably one of the most vulnerable parts of your body. There aren't any bones or muscles built to withstand extreme pressure and can result in direct hits to organs. However, we don't actually mean your literal stomach, it's more like your "gut". This weak point is located about two finger widths below your breastbone. If you don't know what a breastbone is, touch the center of your chest. After locating your breastbone, simply feel where the bone and muscle stops and where the fat begins. Just kidding about that fat though, I'm sure your stomach is full of rock-hard muscle.

Then again, maybe you should stop eating pure butter for breakfast. Just a thought.

The reason this place is a weak spot, is because the lungs and heart muscles still extend a little further below the protective rib cage. In fact, CPR is usually done on this area because it gives direct access to the muscles of the heart.

Before you start going Rambo on everybody's "gut", remember that a weak spot such as this would probably be used if you intend to kill the person. After all, you're going after their heart. Although, if the person is six times your size and knows martial arts, you're unlikely to be able to hit them in that area with enough force to kill them.

2. The Kneecaps

Your kneecaps are probably one of the top ten places you don't want to get hit. Getting kicked directly on the kneecaps will probably have you crying on the floor, holding your knee together, and wishing you picked someone to bully. But where exactly is this "knee-cap"? Clearly, my knee is not wearing some type of hat.


In order to locate your kneecap, simply extend your leg and touch the large bump. A majority of that "bump" is likely to be your kneecap and as you can see, it doesn't exactly feel like butter on toast. A good kick on the ol' kneecap probably won't completely knock your bones out of your body, but it'll probably leave a nasty mark.

If you plan to go with the kneecap approach, one should try to attack the kneecap at a side. You're not trying to crush the kneecap under the weight of your iron boots, you want to pretend that you're prying it off. If possible, try "stomping" the kneecap or kicking the kneecap sideways. Doing such will most likely prevent the attacker from chasing after you as long as you hit them on the right spot, the right way.

1. The Neck

This is one of the most best places to hit anyone, in self-defense of course. The neck is practically a treasure trove of important organs and muscles that are practically defenseless. The neck contains extremely high-priority "items" such as your spine, major arteries and even an old fashion windpipe!  

Since you don't need help locating your neck, we'll simply move on. The easiest and most damaging place you can hit is the windpipe. It only takes about eight pounds per inch to damage the windpipe and the great thing about the neck is that it's so small that even if you miss, you're likely to hit something else or miss them completely.

Either you hit the jackpot or you get nothing, sound familiar?

For strong/evil men attackers, attacking the Adam's Apple might be a good idea. Throwing a solid punch/chop to the Adam's Apple can lead to multiple results, such as painful agony.